Bryer Rossi


Everdepths: Programmer and Technical Artist

Everdepths is an asymmetrical VR game where two players cooperate to retrieve a lost relic in the bottom of a labyrinth of underwater caves. One player acts as a diver, while the other player is their trusty drone, a proxy and guide through their journey. The two must work together to complete their mission. The Diver moves strategically and stealthily around dangerous fish while the Drone aids with recon and distractions. The treasured relic isn’t the only shiny thing that can be found in the depths. The Diver may also find the equipment of past endeavors to retrieve the ancient artifact, shedding light on what might be a much darker story as the players progress together. In this project, I was the principal programmer and technical artist. I coded all game logic and interactions as well as created the underwater feel using a mix of fog, shaders, and particle effects. I also took assets from the artists and prepped them to be be placed in the engine, and optimized as much as possible with light bakes, occlusion culling, and GPU instancing in order to get smooth gameplay for both the VR player and desktop player.